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(Observation Center for the Criminal Justice System)


Welcome to NOSP (Observation Center for the Criminal Justice System)!

NOSP is a research and outreach project at UFSB (Federal University of Southern Bahia) that seeks to bring together academics and criminal justice system agents in a space for dialogue. Its main objective is to establish contact with institutions of the criminal justice system and civil society organizations involved in public security and criminal enforcement. In light of the dilemmas and difficulties faced by the criminal justice system, this project aims to offer a constant exchange and reflection on its functioning and its everyday practices.

On this page, you can find several news about the project's works, as well as information about the criminal justice system. The main initiatives of the project are available for perusal. Studies, reports and interviews are also available. The project provides a repository for the criminal justice system, with the compilation of diverse material on its current situation and the history of penal practices and ideas. It also offers reading materials and references to other pages of interest. There is a space for discussions on Criminology and Criminal Law, with texts and reflections on the problems in the area. At Debate Rounds, there are dialogues with academics and members of the institutions of the criminal justice system. These conversations happen periodically as an instrument to enrich the exchange between the university and its surroundings. The Blog is a space constantly updated with news about the project and more events in the field of policing, imprisonment and criminal law enforcement.

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